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D2L Guide For Instructors

Semester Start - Instructors
Navigation - Pinning Course

Accessibility Checker

Create a Grade Item - Points 
Create a Grade Scheme 
Delete Grade Items with Associations 
Enter Grades 
Export Grades 
Understanding the Grades Tool 

Create a Group 

Import/Export/Copy Components 
Import/Export/Copy Components - Import Components 

Intelligent Agents 
Delete and Restore Intelligent Agents 
Manually Run an Intelligent Agent 
Perform a Practice Run 
View and Edit the Schedule of an Intelligent Agent 

Manage Files 
Upload a File and Add it as a Content Topic 

Question Library 
Question Library - Add an Answer Key 
Import Questions into Question Library 
Add Questions from Other Courses 

Create a New Quiz with Imported Questions 
Create a New Quiz with New Questions 
Manually Grade a Quiz 
Shuffle Questions 

Add a Rubric to an Existing Activity 
Create a Holistic Rubric 
Create an Analytic Rubric

Turn on TurnItIn

Respondus Monitor Overview 
Exam with Respondus Monitor 
Transfer content from OLD to NEW D2L 
How to set up Grade Book / Enter Grades 
How to add Content 
Add videos to the Content and Discussions 
Add videos from Films On Demand | PDF
How to create Discussions 
How to use the Class List / Email 
How to create Dropbox submission folder 
How to Use TurnItIn (Dropbox) 
Test Bank/Question Bank from Publisher 
Create a Test /Question Bank (Manually) 
Quizzes - Questions from Question Library 
Quizzes - Manually Adding Questions 
How to create a Randomize Section Quizzes 
How to create a Mid-Term Grade 
How to Import / Export - previous course 
How to take Attendance in D2L 
How to release Final Grades 
Enable Respondus Lockdown Browser 
How to use D2L Intelligent Agents 
Online Meeting Rooms - Adobe Connect 
How to use Adobe Connect 
ePortfolio Introduction 
Desire2Learn v10: ePortfolio Overview